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Neurons, Hormones, and the Brain Neurotransmitters So far, researchers have discovered about 15–20 different neurotransmitters, and new ones are still being identified. The nervous system communicates accurately because there are so many neurotransmitters and because neurotransmitters work only at matching receptor sites. Different neurotransmitters do different things. Neurotransmitt er Major functions Excess is associated with Deficiency is associated with Acetylcholine Muscle movement, attention, arousal, memory, emotion Alzheimer’s disease Dopamine Voluntary movement, learning, memory, emotion Schizophrenia Parkinsonism Serotonin Sleep, wakefulness, appetite, mood, aggression, impulsivity, sensory perception, temperature regulation, pain suppression Depression Endorphins Pain relief, pleasure Norepinephrine Learning, memory, dreaming, awakening, emotion, stress-related increase in heart rate, stress-related slowing of digestive processes Depression GABA Main inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain
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