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Psychological Disorders Introduction When people think of mental illness, they often think of imaginary voices or terrifying killers like Charles Manson. However, psycho-logical disorders are not always that dramatic—or that clear-cut. Suppose a person drinks heavily on weekends and doesn’t spend any time with his family. Another person keeps to a strict diet in order to stay thin and still isn’t satisfied with her body weight. Do these people have mental disorders? The question of what classifies as a mental disorder is often difficult to answer. Psychologists use many criteria to evaluate and diagnose these disorders, and they use a detailed system to classify them into categories. The origins of psychological disorders are varied and often unclear, and understanding these disorders involves a Psychological Disorders
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Unformatted text preview: What Is a Psychological Disorder? Several criteria exist for defining a psychological disorder. Sometimes a person needs to meet only one criterion to be diagnosed as having a psychological disorder. In other cases, more than one of the following criteria may be met: • Violation of cultural standards behavior Example: Ted’s delusion that he is a prophet causes him to stand at street corners lecturing people about the morality of their behavior. • Exhibition of behavior harmful to self or others Example: Bethanne’s excessive use of alcohol makes her unable to hold down a job. • Experiencing distress Example: David suffers from chronic and painful anxiety. Model of Psychological Disorders Psychologists use different conceptual models for understanding, describing, and treating psychological disorders....
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