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Psychological Disorder6

Psychological Disorder6 - Psychological Disorders...

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Psychological Disorders Somatoform Disorders Somatoform disorders are characterized by real physical symptoms that cannot be fully explained by a medical condition, the effects of a drug, or another mental disorder. People with somatoform disorders do not fake symptoms or produce symptoms intentionally. Three common somatoform disorders are somatization disorder, conversion disorder, and hypochondriasis. Somatization Disorder Somatization disorder was formerly called hysteria or Briquet’s syndrome . People with somatization disorder experience a wide variety of physical symptoms, such as pain and gastrointestinal, sexual, and pseudoneurological problems. The disorder usually affects women, begins before age thirty, and continues for many years. Conversion Disorder Conversion disorder is characterized by symptoms that affect voluntary motor functioning or sensory functioning. These symptoms cannot be explained medically. A conflict or other stressor
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