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Psychological Treatme12

Psychological Treatme12 - Psychological Treatment...

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Psychological Treatment Psychoanalytic Concepts Three important concepts involved in psychoanalysis are transference, resistance, and catharsis: Transference refers to the process by which clients relate to their psychoanalysts as they would to important figures in their past. Psychoanalysts usually encourage transference because it helps them to uncover the client’s hidden conflicts and helps the client to work through such conflicts. Example: A client who is resentful about her mother’s authority over her might show angry, rebellious behavior toward the psychoanalyst. Resistance refers to the client’s efforts to block the progress of treatment. These efforts are usually unconscious. Resistance occurs because the client experiences anxiety when unconscious conflicts begin to be uncovered. Example: Resistance can take many different forms, such as coming late to sessions, forgetting to pay for sessions, and expressing hostility toward the psychoanalyst.
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