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Psychological Treatmen9 - Psychological Treatment...

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Psychological Treatment Criticisms of Aversion Therapy Many doctors and psychologists criticize aversion therapy as both inhumane and ineffective. Therapists have sometimes used aversion therapy for controversial ends. For example, in the past, therapists used aversion therapy to “treat” homosexuality. Social Skills Training Social skills training aims to enhance a client’s relationships with other people. Techniques used in social skills training include modeling, behavioral rehearsal, and shaping: Modeling involves having clients learn specific skills by observing socially skilled people. Behavioral rehearsal involves having the client role-play behavior that could be used in social situations. The therapist provides feedback about the client’s behavior. Shaping involves having the client approach progressively more difficult social situations in the real world. Token Economies A token economy is a behavior modification program based on operant conditioning principles. Token economies are sometimes successfully used in institutional settings, such as schools and
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Psychological Treatmen9 - Psychological Treatment...

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