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Psychological Treatment - Psychological Treatment Types of...

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Psychological Treatment Types of Treatment Treatment for psychological disorders can be categorized into insight therapies , behavior therapies , and biomedical therapies . All psychotherapies offer hope , new perspectives on a problem , and an empathic relationship with a therapist . Many types of professionals provide psychological treatment. Psychotherapy All psychodynamic therapies are based on Sigmund Freud ’s psychoanalytic treatment. Psychoanalytic treatment focuses on uncovering unconscious motives, conflicts, and defenses. Three techniques used in psychoanalysis are free association , dream analysis , and interpretation . The concepts of transference and resistance are important features of psychoanalysis and current psychodynamic therapies. Cognitive therapies attempt to identify and change maladaptive thinking patterns. Cognitive therapists believe that depression arises from errors in thinking . Cognitive therapists help clients to identify and change automatic thoughts and assumptions about the world . Albert Ellis ’s rational-emotive therapy is based on the idea that people’s feelings are influenced by their catastrophic thoughts and beliefs about events. Behavior therapists focus on addressing symptoms rather than the underlying causes. They use learning principles to modify behavior.
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Psychological Treatment - Psychological Treatment Types of...

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