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Psychology Glossary Decentration - The ability to focus simultaneously on several aspects of a problem. Decision-making - The process of weighing alternatives and choosing among them. Declarative memory - The remembering of factual information. Declarative memory is usually considered explicit. Deductive reasoning - The process by which a particular conclusion is drawn from a set of general premises or statements. Defense mechanisms - Behaviors that protect people from anxiety. Deindividuation - The tendency of people in a large, arousing, anonymous group to lose inhibitions, sense of responsibility, and self-consciousness. Deinstitutionalization - The trend toward providing treatment through community-based outpatient clinics rather than inpatient hospitals. Delta waves - The type of brain waves present when a person is deeply asleep. Delusions - False beliefs that are held strongly despite contradictory evidence.
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Unformatted text preview: Dementia- A condition characterized by several significant psychological deficits. Dendrite- A fiber that extends from a neuron. It received signals from other neurons and sends them toward the cell body. Dendritic trees- Highly branched fibers extending from neurons. Denial- A defense mechanism that involves refusing to acknowledge something that is obvious to others. Dependent variable- The variable that is observed in an experiment and that may be affected by manipulations of the independent variable. Descriptive statistics- Numbers that researchers use to describe their data so it can be organized and summarized. Development- The series of age-related changes that occurs over the course of a person’s life span. Developmental norms- The median ages at which children develop specific behaviors and abilities....
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