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Psychology Glossar6 - memories of our common human past....

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Psychology Glossary Closure - The tendency to interpret familiar, incomplete forms as complete by filling in gaps. Cochlea - A coiled tunnel in the inner ear that is filled with fluid. Cognition - Thinking. It involves mental activities such as understanding, problem solving, decision making, and creativity. Cognitive appraisal - The idea that people’s experience of emotion depends on the way they appraise or evaluate the events around them. Cognitive development - The development of thinking capacity. Cognitive dissonance - An unpleasant state of tension that arises when a person has related cognitions that conflict with one another. Cognitive schema - A mental model of some aspect of the world. Cognitive therapies - Therapies aimed at identifying and changing maladaptive thinking patterns that can result in negative emotions and dysfunctional behavior. Collective unconscious - The part of our minds, according to Carl Jung, that contains universal
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Unformatted text preview: memories of our common human past. Color blindness- A hereditary condition that makes people unable to distinguish between colors. Commitment- The intent to continue a romantic relationship even in the face of difficulties. Community mental health movement- A movement that advocates treating people with psychological problems in their own communities, providing outpatient treatment, and preventing psychological disorders. Compassionate love- Warmth, trust, and tolerance of a person with whom one is romantically involved. Compensation- According to Alfred Adler, the process of striving to get rid of normal feelings of inferiority. Complexity- The range of wavelengths in light. Componential intelligence- The ability assessed by intelligence tests. Compulsions- Repetitive behaviors that help to prevent or relieve anxiety. Computerized tomography (CT)- A method for studying the brain that involves taking x-rays of the brain from different angles....
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Psychology Glossar6 - memories of our common human past....

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