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Psychology Major Figures Milgram, Stanley - (1933–1984) The conductor of a famous, controversial research study of obedience to authority. Milgram found that his experiment subjects were often so obedient to an authority figure that they were willing to cause serious harm and suffering to others. In order to do his experiment, Milgram had to deceive his subjects. Many people objected to his use of deception and questioned the ethics of his research because he made subjects believe that they were inflicting pain on other people. Mischel, Walter - (1930– ) A social-cognitive theorist whose research focuses on personality formation. Mischel’s work has called into question the idea of stable personality traits. Pavlov, Ivan - (1849–1936) A doctor best known for his research on the conditioned reflex. Pavlov made his most famous discovery while studying how dog saliva related to the function of the stomach. He found that when he repeatedly gave a dog food after ringing a bell, the dog
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