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Psychology Major Figure3

Psychology Major Figure3 - Psychology Major Figures...

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Psychology Major Figures Kohlberg, Lawrence - (1927–1987) A major figure in moral psychology and moral education. Kohlberg had a passionate commitment to building a just society, and this commitment fueled his research. He drew on philosophy and sociology as well as psychology to argue that people go through sequential stages of moral judgment. Lazarus, Richard - (1922–2002) The psychologist whose theory of emotion centered on the concept of appraisal, or how a person evaluates the personal impact of an event. Lazarus conducted several studies on the link between emotion and cognition. Lewin, Kurt - (1890–1947) The founder of the field of social psychology. Lewin launched the Research Center for Group Dynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1946. He studied interaction among races in particular and is famous for the development of “field theory,” which holds that human behavior is determined both by the person and the environment.
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