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Psychology Major Figure5

Psychology Major Figure5 - Psychology Major Figures Eysenck...

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Psychology Major Figures Eysenck, Hans - (1916–1997) A psychologist whose research focused on the genetic foundations of personality. Eysenck believed that conditioning was important in personality formation but that personality grew largely out of genetic differences. Festinger, Leon - (1919–1989) An influential psychologist who developed the theory of cognitive dissonance. Festinger’s research examined the efforts people made in order to view their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors as consistent. Freud, Sigmund - (1856–1939) An Austrian neurologist and pioneer in the field of psychoanalysis. Freud’s comprehensive theory of psychoanalysis sought to explain the structure of the human mind, human attitudes and behavior, mental disorders, and the origins of civilization. Freud’s ideas, particularly his emphasis on sexuality, were highly controversial in the repressive Victorian era in which he lived. He published a revolutionary book called The Interpretation of Dreams
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