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Psychology Major Figures Psychology Major Figures Note from SparkNotes: Not all of the people mentioned in the text are listed here. We’ve narrowed the list to include only those figures you’re most likely to be tested on. Adler, Alfred - (1870–1937) An Austrian psychiatrist and one of Freud’s close associates. Adler broke away from Freud because of theoretical disagreements. He believed that social motives, rather than sexual drives, motivated people the most. He formed his own school of thought, which he called individual psychology. In Adler’s view, strivings for superiority drive people’s behavior. He thought mental disorders were characterized by extreme feelings of inferiority and a desire for superiority over others. Asch, Solomon - (1907–1996) A psychologist who investigated social conformity by studying how people reacted when their perceptions of events were challenged by others. Asch found that most individuals changed their own opinions in order to agree with the group, even when the
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