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Social Psychology Asch and other researchers have found that many factors influence conformity: Group size: Asch found that group size influenced whether subjects conformed. The bigger the group, the more people conformed, up to a certain point. After group size reached a certain limit, conformity didn’t increase any further. Group unanimity: Asch also found that subjects were much more likely to conform when a group agreed unanimously. If even one other person in the group disagreed with the group, a subject was much less likely to conform. This was true even when the other dissenter disagreed with the subject as well as the group. Researchers have found that conformity also increases when: A person feels incompetent or insecure The person admires the group The group can see how the person behaves Reasons for Conforming People have many reasons for conforming: They want to be accepted by the group, or they fear rejection by the group. In this case, the group is exerting
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