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Stress6 - Stress Coping and Health Health Wealth and Power...

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Stress, Coping, and Health Health, Wealth, and Power People who live in conditions of poverty and powerlessness have an increased risk of poor health. Many factors make such people more susceptible to illness. For instance, poor people tend to have low access to preventive care. When ill, they often do not have access to good medical care. Their nutrition tends to be poor, since high-fat, high-salt foods are cheaper and more easily available than many healthy foods. They also encounter many chronic environmental stressors, including high crime rates, discrimination, and poor housing conditions. Internal Sources of Stress Exposure to difficult circumstances doesn’t produce stress by itself. Rather, stress occurs when people experience frustration, conflict, or pressure: Frustration is the experience of being thwarted when trying to achieve a goal. Example: A student worked very hard on a term paper with the hope of getting an A but ends up with a B.
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