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Practical final

Practical final - value You then had to decipher each...

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Practical final There were 3 different sections and three different finals. Section 1 You were given a string of characters which was a sentence. You had to read the string into memory and make it scroll across the screen. Section 2 You were given and encoded message that was in the form of a string. You had to read each character in from the string into memory. Each character was a certain Hexadecimal distance from its true ASCII code value, the distance was the same for each
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Unformatted text preview: value. You then had to decipher each character for its true value and put it into a new array string. It was then to be output to the screen. Section 3 We were given 2 arrays with 5 values each. X DB 0,1,5,4,6 Y DB 0,2,3,6,5 You had to Take the first value in X and Put it to the power of the first value in Y. ex, X^Y exponential. You then had to put the answer into a new Array and then print the value out to the screen....
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