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Administrative Policy of the Laboratory 1) You are not allowed to smoke, eat or drink in the Laboratory. You are expected to conduct yourself professionally, and to keep your bench area clean and neat . You are required to return all equipment and parts used in the experiment to their proper places before you leave the lab. 2) You are expected to work in a group, which is defined to contain at most two people. If there are an odd number of people in the class section you are enrolled to, then someone will work alone. You are allowed to select your partner, but you must select a partner who does not have the same major as you, in other words, if you are an EE student you have to select an ECE student to be your partner, and if you are ECE student you must select an EE student as a partner. In the case there aren’t enough students of different majors in the same section then groups formed with student of the same majors will be allowed.
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