Exp_7 - EE3751 Fall 2003 Experiment 7 In this experiment...

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EE3751 – Fall 2003 Experiment # 7 In this experiment you are going to use the string instruction set to manipulate a text array. Several different text editing functions will be implemented by you, and they are described below. Note that this is an exercise in the use of string instructions, so you are required to use them in your program. Subroutines: 1. MENU routine – This routine should clear the screen, display a menu with the different editing functions described below, receive an input value from the keyboard which will indicate one of the possible menu choices, and direct the program to one of several different subroutines that will perform the task selected from the menu. 2. FIND subroutine – This subroutine will search the text array for all instances of a string of characters entered from the keyboard by the user. It should display the text. There are several different cases to consider: A. No string has been found – Display appropriate message and then return to main menu.
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