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PACKING - Packing List for Microsoft Macro Assembler...

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Packing List for Microsoft Macro Assembler Version 6.11 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1986, 1993. All rights reserved. DISK 1 : Setup disk Files Description ----- ----------- BIN\CV.EXE MS-DOS CodeView debugger for MS-DOS BIN\CV.ICO MS-DOS CodeView Icon BIN\CVPACK.EXE DOS CV4 information optimization utility BIN\CVW.EXE CodeView for Windows - Single Monitor BIN\CVW1.386 CodeView for Windows Driver BIN\CVW4.EXE CodeView for Windows BIN\DMW0.DLL Debugging monitor BIN\DOSXNT.386 MS-DOS extender component for Windows BIN\DOSXNT.EXE MS-DOS extender component BIN\EED1CXX.DLL Expression evaluator for MS-DOS C/C++ BIN\EEW0CXX.DLL Windows expression evaluator for C/C++ BIN\EMD1D1.DLL Execution model for MS-DOS to MS-DOS BIN\ML.ERR Assembler error file BIN\ML.EXE Assembler executable CV.TXT CodeView configuration doc DECOMP.EXE Standalone decompression program ERRMSG.TXT Microsoft MS-DOS Extender Run-Time Errors PACKING.TXT List of disk contents PENTIUM.TXT Information for the Intel (R) Pentium (TM) processor README.TXT Documentation for MASM 6.11 SETUP.EXE Setup program SETUP.INF Setup program information file SUPPORT.TXT Documentation about Microsoft Support Services DISK 2 : Disk 2 Files Description ----- ----------- BIN\BSCMAKE.EXE Browse database creation utility BIN\BSCMAKEV.EXE Virtual memory version of BSCMAKE BIN\CREF.DOC Cross-Reference Utility Doc BIN\CREF.EXE Cross-Reference Utility BIN\EMD1W0.DLL MS-DOS to WIN3 Execution Model BIN\EMM386.EXE Expanded memory manager BIN\EMW0W0.DLL Windows to Windows execution model BIN\EXEHDR.EXE .EXE file modification utility BIN\EXP.EXE File expunge program BIN\H2INC.ERR h2inc.exe error message file BIN\H2INC.EXE C-header-file to MASM-include-file utility BIN\HELPMAKE.EXE Help File Maintenance Utility BIN\HIMEM.SYS Microsoft XMS manager BIN\IMPLIB.EXE Import library creation utility BIN\LIB.EXE Library maintenance utility BIN\LINK.EXE Linker DISK 3 : Disk 3 Files Description ----- -----------
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BIN\MASM.EXE 5.1-compatible command-line driver BIN\MASM.GRP Windows group file BIN\MOUSE.COM Mouse driver BIN\MSD.EXE Configuration reporter BIN\MSD.TXT Configuration reporter doc BIN\NEW-SYS.INI SYSTEM.INI settings BIN\NMAKE.EXE
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