LMAETC01 - 3 CHAPTER 1 Introducing the Programmers...

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3 CHAPTER 1 The Microsoft Programmer’s WorkBench (PWB) is a powerful tool for application development. PWB combines the following features: u A full-featured programmer’s text editor. u An extensible “build engine” which allows you to assemble and link your programs using the PWB environment. The build engine can be extended to support any programming tool. u Error-message browsing. Once a build completes, you can step through the build messages, fixing errors in your source programs. u A Source Browser. When working with large systems, it is often difficult to remember where program symbols are accessed and defined. The Source Browser maintains a database that allows you to go quickly to where a given variable, function, type, class, or macro is defined or referenced. u An extensible Help system. The Microsoft Advisor Help system provides a complete reference on using PWB and MASM. You can also write new Help files and seamlessly integrate them into the Help system to document your own library routines or naming conventions. u A macro language that can control editing functions, program builds, and other PWB operations. For increased flexibility, you can write extensions to PWB. These extensions can perform tasks that are inconvenient in the PWB macro language. For example, you can write extensions to perform file translations, source-code formatting, text justification, and so on. As with the macro language, PWB extensions have full access to most PWB capabilities. For information about
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LMAETC01 - 3 CHAPTER 1 Introducing the Programmers...

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