LMAETC20 - 119 CHAPTER 1 This chapter explains how to use...

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119 CHAPTER 1 This chapter explains how to use the following utilities: u CVPACK (Microsoft Debugging Information Compactor) version 4.05 — Prepares executable files for use with the CodeView debugger by reducing the size of debugging information within the files. u H2INC (Microsoft C Header Translation Utility) version 1.01 — Translates C header files into MASM-compatible include files. u IMPLIB (Microsoft Import Library Manager) version 1.40 — Creates an import library for use in resolving external references from a Windows-based program to a dynamic-link library (DLL). u RM (Microsoft File Removal Utility) version 2.00 UNDEL (Microsoft File Undelete Utility) version 2.00 EXP (Microsoft File Expunge Utility) version 2.00 u WX/WXServer Utility version 1.50 — Runs a Windows-based program in an MS-DOS session. CVPACK This section describes the Microsoft Debugging Information Compactor (CVPACK) version 4.05. CVPACK 4.05 prepares an executable file for use with the Microsoft CodeView debugger version 4.05. You should always use matching versions of CVPACK and CodeView. Earlier formats of debugging information and CVPACK-packing are not compatible with CodeView 4.05. If an executable file contains debugging information in an earlier format but has not been packed, packing with CVPACK 4.05 is all that is needed for the file to run in CodeView 4.05. However, if the executable file has been packed with an earlier version of CVPACK, you must relink the file. Also, executable files packed using CVPACK 4.05 are not compatible with earlier versions of CodeView. The debugging information produced by Microsoft compilers and packed by CVPACK 4.05 is for use with CodeView 4.05 and is not compatible with earlier versions of CodeView. Overview of CVPACK An executable file to be run under CodeView 4.05 must first be packed by CVPACK 4.05. The debugging information in the file must be in the form given in the Microsoft Symbolic Debugging Information specification. This is the format supported by current Microsoft compilers and linkers. LINK versions 5.30 and later automatically call CVPACK when you specify Filename: 6070dea18fe1909318827388e0e9ae2bd7dcc1f6.DOC Project: Template: Author: Last Saved By: Revision #: 0 Page: 119 of 34 Printed: 10/14/92 14:04 A10/P10
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Environment and Tools LINK’s /CO option. You do not need to run CVPACK as a separate step. However, if you want to use CodeView to debug a file that was built by another linker (either an earlier Microsoft linker or a third-party linker), you must run CVPACK to convert the executable file to the current CodeView format. Be sure that the executable file has not been packed by an earlier version of CVPACK; if it has, you must relink the file. CVPACK compresses debugging information by removing duplicate type
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LMAETC20 - 119 CHAPTER 1 This chapter explains how to use...

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