LMAETC21 - 151 CHAPTER 1 MASM offers two systems for...

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Unformatted text preview: 151 CHAPTER 1 MASM offers two systems for accessing Help: \z "UHELPV.DOC-1001" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1002" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1003" u The Microsoft Advisor, found within the Programmer’s WorkBench (PWB) and CodeView u QuickHelp, the standalone Help program Both systems provide the same information on important topics and utilities provided with the development system, which include the language, run-time libraries, PWB, and CodeView. Structure of the Microsoft Advisor \z "UHELPV.DOC-1004" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1005" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1006" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1007" The Microsoft Advisor can be compared to a librarian managing a collection of books. Each book, or Help file, has its own table of contents, index, and pages of information. The Advisor organizes the Help files with a global contents and index. All of the files are listed, and their specific tables of contents and indexes can be accessed through the global references. The global contents screen is shown in Figure 21.1. § Figure 1.1 Microsoft Advisor Global Contents Screen You can access a variety of information from the Help system. Information is available on the languages, run-time libraries, errors, and the Help system itself. Navigating Through the Microsoft Advisor \z "UHELPV.DOC-1008" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1009" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1010" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1011" \z "UHELPV.DOC- 1012" You request information about a topic in a window by moving the cursor to it and pressing F1 or by clicking it with the right mouse button. The Help system then searches through the Help files for information about the topic. If it finds the topic, the Help system displays information in the Help window. If Help cannot be found for a particular word or symbol, a message informs you that no information is associated with the topic. Sometimes, a topic with the same name occurs in several Help files. When you request Help in PWB for one of these names, PWB displays a dialog box in which you can select the context of the topic. The Next command on the Help Filename: 48c1293a66f0ac2dcda8b856107902fe49695506.doc Project: Template: Author: Last Saved By: Revision #: 0 Page: 151 of 23 Printed: 10/27/92 15:38 A10/P10 Environment and Tools menu takes you to the next occurrence. When you are using QuickHelp, the first topic is displayed. You can then press E to go to the next occurrence. \z "UHELPV.DOC-1013" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1014" CodeView does not use the right mouse button for Help in the Source window. Clicking the right mouse button on a line in the Source window executes the program to that line. However, the right mouse button activates Help in the other CodeView windows. Using the Help Menu \z "UHELPV.DOC-1015" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1016" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1017" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1018" \z "UHELPV.DOC- 1019" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1020" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1021" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1022" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1023" \z "UHELPV.DOC- 1024" \z "UHELPV.DOC-1025" The simplest method for accessing Help is by using the commands found in the PWB and CodeView Help menus. These commands present information in the PWB and CodeView Help menus....
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LMAETC21 - 151 CHAPTER 1 MASM offers two systems for...

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