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xxi Microsoft ® Macro Assembler (MASM) includes a full set of development tools editor, compiler, linker, debugger, and browser for writing, compiling, and debugging your programs. You can work within the Microsoft Programmer’s WorkBench (PWB) integrated environment, or you can use the tools separately to develop your programs. Environment and Tools describes the following development tools: u The Programmer’s WorkBench (PWB). PWB is a comprehensive tool for application development. Within its environment is everything you need to create, build, browse, and debug your programs. Its macro language gives you control over not only editing but also build operations and other PWB functions. u The Microsoft ® CodeView debugger. This is a diagnostic tool for finding errors in your programs. Two versions of CodeView are described: one for MS-DOS ® and one for Microsoft Windows . Each CodeView version has specialized commands for its operating environment, as well as other commands for examining code and data, setting breakpoints, and controlling your program’s execution. u LINK, the Microsoft Segmented-Executable Linker. The linker combines object files and libraries into an executable file, either an application or a dynamic-link library (DLL). u EXEHDR, the Microsoft EXE File Header Utility. EXEHDR displays and modifies the contents of an executable-file header. u NMAKE, the Microsoft Program Maintenance Utility. NMAKE simplifies project maintenance. Once you specify which project files depend on others, you can use NMAKE to automatically execute the commands that will update your project when any file has changed. u LIB, the Microsoft Library Manager. LIB creates and maintains standard libraries. With LIB, you can create a library file and add, delete, and replace modules. u HELPMAKE, the Microsoft Help File Maintenance Utility. HELPMAKE creates and maintains Help files. You can use HELPMAKE to create a Help file or to customize the Microsoft Help files. u BSCMAKE, the Microsoft Browser Database Maintenance Utility, and SBRPACK, the Microsoft Browse Information Compactor. BSCMAKE creates browser files for use with the PWB Source Browser. SBRPACK compresses the files that are used by BSCMAKE. Environment and Tools also describes these special-purpose utilities: Filename: b1a24da545dc9642ab63789316f41bb8793b4717.DOC Project: Template: Author: Last Saved By: Revision #: 0 Page: 21 of 16 Printed: 10/14/92 22:18 A10/P10
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Environment and Tools u H2INC, the Microsoft C Header Translation Utility. H2INC translates C header files into MASM-compatible include files. u CVPACK, the Microsoft Debugging Information Compactor. CVPACK compresses the size of debugging information in an executable file. u
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LMAETINT - xxi Microsoft Macro Assembler(MASM includes a...

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