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85 APPENDIX A For the many users who come to version 6.1 of the Microsoft Macro Assembler directly from the popular MASM 5.1, this appendix describes the differences between the two versions. Version 6.1 contains significant changes, including: u An integrated development environment called Programmer’s WorkBench (PWB) from which you can write, edit, debug, and execute code. u Expanded functionality for structures, unions, and type definitions. u New directives for generating loops and decision statements, and for declaring and calling procedures. u Simplified methods for applying public attributes to variables and routines in multiple-module programs. u Enhancements for writing and using macros. u Flat-model support for Windows NT and new instructions for the 80486 processor. The OPTION M510 directive (or the /Zm command-line switch) assures nearly complete compatibility between MASM 6.1 and MASM 5.1. However, to take full advantage of the enhancements in MASM 6.1, you will need to rewrite some code written for MASM 5.1. The first section of this appendix describes the new or enhanced features in MASM 6.1. The second section, “Compatibility Between MASM 5.1 and 6.1,” explains how to: u Minimize the number of required changes with the OPTION directive. u Rewrite your existing assembly code, if necessary, to take advantage of the assembler’s enhancements. New Features of Version 6.1 \z "PGAPAW.DOC-1001" This section gives an overview of the new features of MASM 6.1 and provides references to more detailed information elsewhere in the documentation. For full explanations and coding examples, see the documentation listed in the cross- references. Filename: 27babfca515d4d063fe585ce57d89879018a7073.DOC Project: Template: Author: Last Saved By: Revision #: 0 Page: 85 of 45 Printed:
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Programmer’s Guide The Assembler, Environment, and Utilities Most of the executable files provided with MASM 6.1 are new or revised. For a complete list of these files, read the PACKING.TXT file on the distribution disk. The book Getting Started also provides information about setting up the environment, assembler, and Help system. The Assembler \z "PGAPAW.DOC-1002" \z "PGAPAW.DOC-1003" The macro assembler, named ML.EXE, can assemble and link in one step. Its new 32-bit operation gives ML.EXE the ability to handle much larger source files than MASM 5.1. The command-line options are new. For example, the /Fl and /Sc options generate instruction timings in the listing file. Command-line options are case-sensitive and must be separated by spaces. \z "PGAPAW.DOC-1004" \z "PGAPAW.DOC-1005" For backward compatibility with MASM 5.1 makefiles, MASM 6.1 includes the MASM.EXE utility. MASM.EXE translates MASM 5.1 command-line options to the new MASM 6.1 command-line options and calls ML.EXE. See the Reference book for details. H2INC H2INC converts C include files to MASM include files. It translates data structures and declarations but does not translate executable code. For more information, see Chapter 20 of Environment and Tools.
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LMAPGAPA - 85 APPENDIX A For the many users who come to...

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