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165 Glossary XE "Coprocessors:defined" \z "GLOSSW.DOC-1001"§XE "80387 math coprocessor" \z "GLOSSW.DOC-1002"§XE "8087 math coprocessor" \z "GLOSSW.DOC- 1003"§XE "80287 math coprocessor" \z "GLOSSW.DOC-1004"§8087, 80287, or 80387 coprocessor Intel chips that perform high-speed floating-point and binary coded decimal number processing. Also called math coprocessors. Floating-point instructions are supported directly by the 80486 processor. A XE "Addresses:defined"§The memory location of a data item or procedure. The expression can represent just the offset (in which case the default segment is assumed), or it can be in segment : offset format. XE "Addresses:constant"§XE "Constants:address"§In an assembly-language instruction, an immediate operand derived by applying the SEG or OFFSET operator to an identifier. XE "Address range"§XE "Range, address"§A range of memory bounded by two addresses. XE "Addressing modes:defined"§The various ways a memory address or device I/O address can be generated. See “far address,” “near address.” Data types containing more than one element, such as arrays, structures, and unions. XE "CodeView:animation"§A debugging feature in which each line in a running program is highlighted as it executes. The Animate command from the CodeView debugger Run menu turns on animation. API (application programming interface) A set of system-level routines that can be used in an application program for tasks such as basic input/ output and file management. In a graphics- oriented operating environment like Microsoft Windows, high-level support for video graphics output is part of the Windows graphical API. XE "Arg function, PWB"§XE "PWB:arg function"§In PWB, a function modifier that introduces an argument or an editing function. The argument may be of any type and is passed to the next function as input. For example, the PWB command Arg textarg Copy passes the text argument textarg to the function Copy. XE "Arguments:defined"§A value passed to a procedure or function. See “parameter.” XE "Arrays:defined"§An ordered set of continuous elements of the same type. ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) XE "ASCII" \z "GLOSSW.DOC-1018"§A widely used coding scheme where 1-byte numeric values represent letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters. There are 256 possible codes. The first 128 codes are standardized; the remaining 128 are special characters defined by the computer manufacturer. XE "Assembler" \z "GLOSSW.DOC- address address constant address range addressing modes animate arg argument array assembler Filename: ff7594e2f6e4549ec7b6950d055ff758690f9ef1.DOC Project: Template: Author: Last Saved By: Revision #: 0 Page: 165 of 16 Printed:
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166 static linking§ 1019"§A program that converts a text file containing mnemonically coded microprocessor instructions into the corresponding binary machine code. MASM is an assembler. See “compiler.” XE "Assembly:language:defined"§A programming
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LMAPGGLO - 165 Glossary XE "Coprocessors:defined" \z...

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