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Unformatted text preview: and come from the following publications: Intel Corporation, iAPX 86, 88, 186, and 188 User’s Manual , Programmer’s Reference . Santa Clara, Calif. 1985. Intel Corporation, iAPX 286 Programmer’s Reference Manual including the iAPX 286 Numeric Supplement . Santa Clara, Calif. 1985. Intel Corporation. 80386 Programmer’s Reference Manual . Santa Clara, Calif. 1986. Intel Corporation. 80387 80-bit CHMOS III Numeric Processor Extension . Santa Clara, Calif. 1987. Intel Corporation. i486 Microprocessor Data Sheet . Santa Clara, Calif. 1989. Document No. DB35749-1292 Printed in the United States of America. Filename: ffa52189fe9795ec54a0afe8a6d91630c4b47fb6.DOC Project: Template: Author: Last Saved By: Revision #: 0 Page: 2 of 1 Printed:...
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