Acne vulgaris - lymph nodes. Blood vessels in internal...

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Acne vulgaris - Propionibacterium acnes Gram pos. bacilli Organism infects follicles plugged with oily secretions inflammation pustule, cysts Burn Infections - Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P. fluorescence) Gram neg. bacilli. Antibiotic resistant strains. Frequently causes nosocomial infections in severely burned patients Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - Rickettsia rickettsii Gram neg., small bacillus Virulence: obligate intracellular parasite. Invades endothelium blood vessels damages vessel walls leakage petechiae (pinpoint hemorrhages in skin) Reservoir: small mammals in wild - infects linings blood vessels tick infected when takes blood meal – grows cells lining gut small mammal infected by tick bite Vector: wood tick - man infected by bite-infected tick. Organism invades endothelium of blood vessels. Disease: Inc. pd. 3 - 4 days. Onset - fever, headache, weakness, rash (petechiae), enlarged
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Unformatted text preview: lymph nodes. Blood vessels in internal organs also damaged (brain, heart, lungs). Lyme Disease - Borrelia burgdorferi Gram neg. spirochete Reservoir: Field mice (host for immature tick). Deer are not infected - breeding ground for ticks. Vector: Deer tick - infected when takes blood meal from infected animal transmitted to susceptible animal or human upon taking subsequent blood meal. Disease: occurs in 3 stages: 1) Onset characterized by "bulls eye" red rash at site tick bite - clears in center as spreads. Accompanied or followed by flu-like illness, rash fades 2) Second phase occurs weeks, months later. Heart & neurological involvement - irregular heartbeat, facial paralysis, meningitis, encephalitis 3) Third phase occurs months, years later. Severe arthritis develops probably due to immune responses. Can cause crippling. Prevention: avoid tick bites...
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