BACTERIAL GROWTH CURVE - 4 Rate of growth influenced by...

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BACTERIAL GROWTH CURVE (see fig. in text) 1. Transfer inoculum to fresh culture. Measure number of viable cells at regular intervals. Plot logarithm population vs. time. Four distinct phases. 2. Phases of growth curve : a. Lag Phase - no increase in number of cells; 1). Increase in metabolic activity; 2). Preparing for reproduction - absorbing nutrients for production of energy, cell parts. b. Logarithmic or Exponential Growth Phase (Log Phase) 1). Period of rapid reproduction; population constantly doubling. 2). Bacterium most typical during this period - lab tests, antibiotics most effective 3). Since log of population proportional to time line is straight.
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Unformatted text preview: 4). Rate of growth influenced by environmental factors. c. Stationary Phase - rate of reproduction = rate of death Due to exhaustion of nutrients, accumulation of wastes. d. Death Phase - rate of death rate of reproduction. Some species die quickly, others survive longer. . Practical applications : a. When to do lab procedures ? b. Tests of newly developed antibiotics. c. Disease process similar to growth curve. . FACTORS AFFECTING BACTERIAL GROWTH (REQUIREMENTS FOR BACTERIAL GROWTH) 1) Temperature 4) Moisture 2) Oxygen 5) Light 3) pH 6) Nutrients...
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BACTERIAL GROWTH CURVE - 4 Rate of growth influenced by...

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