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BACTERIOPHAGE - 1 Prophage(latent → transcription&...

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BACTERIOPHAGE – BACTERIAL VIRUSES A. Replication of bacteriophage 1. Adsorption - tail adheres to specific sites on bacterial cell wall. 2. Penetration a. Enzymes in end plate dissolve hole in cell wall. b. DNA injected into cell (through hollow tail). c. Capsid remains outside bacterial cell; uncoating is unnecessary d. DNA core directs synthesis of viral parts. e. Assembly of viral parts mature virus parts. f. Release - lysis of bacterial cell B. Lysogeny in Bacteria 1. Prophage - bacteriophage (phage) DNA incorporated into bacterial DNA in state of lysogeny 2. Effects: a. Lytic cycle: 1). Prophage is activated 2). Prophage lytic cycle (replication) lysis of bacterial cells b. Lysogenic Conversion:
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Unformatted text preview: 1). Prophage (latent) → transcription & translation 2). Protein produced by bacterial cell 3). Protein → toxins → host (human) tissues infected 4). New type disease produced VIRAL MUTATIONS A. Spontaneous mutations : 1). Causes antigenic drift - changes in structure → new antigenic strains 2). Responsible for repeated epidemics - ex. influenza. B. Induced mutations : 1). Production of attenuated (weakened) strains. 2). Used to produce viable vaccines. VIRAL TERATOGENESIS A. Production of defects during embryonic development. B. Example : Rubella viruses ( German measles ) 2. Cytomegalovirus ( CMV ) 3. HIV 4. Small pox viruses...
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BACTERIOPHAGE - 1 Prophage(latent → transcription&...

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