bgenetics - a P on#5C of one nucleotide b#3C on next...

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BACTERIAL GENETICS DEOXYRIBONUCLEIC ACID Nucleiod A. No nuclear membrane B. No paired chromosomes C. No nucleolus D. Single molecule DNA (circular) STRUCTURE of DNA ( see figs. in text) Components of DNA A. 2- deoxyribose 1. 5 carbon (C) sugar 2. Lacks O on #2 carbon B. Phosphate group (PO 4 ) C. Nitrogen (N) bases 1. Pyrimidines a. Thymine b. Cytosine 2. Purines a. Adenine b. Guanine D. Nucleotides 1. Subunits (structural units) of DNA 2. Structure of a nucleotide ( see fig. in text) a. 2-deoxyribose b. Phosphate group on #5 C c. Nitrogen base on #1 C E. Arrangement of nucleotides 1. Nucleotides form two chains 2. Bonds (covalent) between nucleotides
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Unformatted text preview: a. P on #5C of one nucleotide b. #3C on next nucleotide 3. Two chains combined in ladder-like arrangement a. “Sides” of ladder - sugar and phosphate b. “Rungs” of ladder - two nitrogen bases 4. Pairing of N bases is specific a. Adenine to thymine - 2 “weak” hydrogen (H) bonds b. Guanine to cytosine - 3 “weak” H bonds D. Antiparallel structure of DNA 1. Chains of nucleotides - opposite directions 2. One side - 5’ to 3’ side 3. Opposite side - 3’ to 5’ side 4. Two sides twist → double helix ( see fig. in text)...
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bgenetics - a P on#5C of one nucleotide b#3C on next...

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