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Botulism (fatal food poisoning) - Clostridium botulinum Gram pos. bacillus, anaerobic, endospores, common in soil & GI track animals Virulence: Potent neurotoxin. Prevents release neurotransmitter acetylcholene P/E: Introduced in contaminated foods (nonacid canned vegetables, smoked meats). Processing (does not destroy endospores) anaerobic conditions produced endospores germinate organisms multiply secrete neurotoxin consumed with food. Causes no change in color, odor, taste of Disease: Inc. pd. 2-3 days. Neurotoxin enters GI tract bloodstream CNS where interferes with release acetylcholene no impulses transmitted to muscles flaccid paralysis Onset: May or may not have GI disturbances headache, blurred or double vision difficulty speaking, swallowing respiratory failure convulsions death. Mortality rate 60 - 70%.
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Unformatted text preview: Vaccine: none Antiserum available - only neutralizes toxin in bloodstream. Infant botulism Infants consume endospore (ex: in honey) → germinates in GI tract due to lack normal flora → produces neurotoxin → blood → CNS Food Infection (Bacterial Enteritis)- Salmonella sp. (enteritidis, typhimurium ) Gram neg. bacilli. Virulence: Endotoxins (cell wall lipids) Source: GI tract animals: i.e., poultry, pork, pets, turtles, sometimes human carriers. Meats - infection due to inadequate cooking. Other foods infected during preparation - by hands, utensils, cutting boards, etc. Disease: Inc. pd. 8-36 hrs. Organisms invade and damage intestinal mucosa → inflammation. Accomp. by abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fever. Self-limiting - lasts several days (approx. 3 days). Organism can be isolated from stool, food. Carriers common following infection....
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