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GENETIC CODE IN DNA - & 1/2 “new” DNA F DNA...

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GENETIC CODE IN DNA A. Sequence of nitrogen base pairs = genetic code B. Language of DNA - DNAese 1. Symbols (alphabet) in DNA a. A = T b. T = A c. C G d. G C 2. Form three letter words - triplets 3. Each triplet codes for one amino acid 4. 64 triplets 5. 20 amino acids form proteins C. Gene - genetic code for one protein DNA REPLICATION ( fig. pg. in text ) A. Enzymes (DNA polymerases, DNA ligases) B. Begins at replication fork DNA separates & unwinds C. Each strand acts as template D. New nucleotides combine with complementary nucleotides on each parent strand E. Semiconservative replication - each new DNA strand = I/2 original DNA
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Unformatted text preview: & 1/2 “new” DNA F. DNA polymerase adds new nucleotides in 5’ → 3’ direction G. Formation of one strand - continuous or leading strand 1. Nucleotides added on one at a time as replication fork opens (from 5’ to 3’ ) 2. Complementary to 3’ - 5’ side of DNA H. Formation of opposite strand - discontinuous or lagging strand 1. DNA formed in short segments (from 5’ to 3’) 2. Complementary to 5’-3’ side of DNA 3. DNA formed in short segments as fork opens 4. Segments joined by DNA ligases...
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