Malaria - Malaria Plasmodium vivax Protozoan...

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Malaria - Plasmodium vivax Protozoan, nonmotile (Sporozoa) Virulence: Intracellular parasite - invades RBC's, liver Transmission: Bite of infected Anopheles mosquito Complex life cycle - part in mosquito, part in human liver, rbc's Disease: Release of parasites & toxic substances from ruptured rbc's causes high fever, chills, vomiting, severe headaches. Occurs in approx. 3- day cycles. Identification: Observation parasite in rbc's Toxoplasmosis - Toxoplasma gondii Protozoan (Sporozoa) intracellular parasite Reservoir: Birds, cats, mice, cattle, etc. Transmitted: Usually by contact with feces of infected animal (cat), ingestion inadequately cooked beef Disease: Infects lymph nodes mild inflammation omplication: If pregnant female becomes infected crosses placenta, infects fetus causes several congenital defects (neurological), spontaneous abortions, stillbirths. UPPER ALIMENTARY SYSTEM INFECTIONS Dental Caries, Plaque, Periodontal Disease Plaque : READ formation on plaque in text. Dental Caries:
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Malaria - Malaria Plasmodium vivax Protozoan...

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