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NERVOUS SYSTEM INFECTIONS - Gram neg bacillus Virulence...

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NERVOUS SYSTEM INFECTIONS Meningococcal (Epidemic) Meningitis - Neisseria meningitidis Gram neg. diplococci, bean-shaped, pairs Virulence: Intracellular parasites, encapsulated, catalase, endotoxins, Transmission: URT secretions (fresh) - requires close contact, direct contact P/E: Nasopharynx Disease: Nasopharynx blood bacteria invade meninges marked inflammation edema, fluids intercranial pressure Onset: High fever, chills, headache, stiff painful neck delirium convulsions shock. Skin rash due to hemorrhages (capillaries). Coma death. Identification: Spinal tap number PMN's, Gram negative intracellular diplococci in PMN's Vaccine: Capsular antigens Haemophilus Meningitis - Haemophilus influenzae (type B)
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Unformatted text preview: Gram neg. bacillus Virulence: Encapsulated, endotoxins Transmission: URT secretions - droplet nuclei. Children common carriers. Disease occurs primarily in children 2 mo. - 1 yr. of age. P/E: Nasopharynx Disease: Enters bloodstream → meninges → inflammation → edema, ↑ fluids → ↑ intercranial pressure Onset - high fever, headache, painful stiff neck, irritability, bulging fontanel → convulsions → coma → death Identification: Spinal tap - ↑ number PMN's, presence Gram neg. bacilli in fluid Vaccine: Hib - capsular & membrane antigens Epiglottitis - H. influenzae Causes infection & marked inflammation epiglottis. Can block trachea → suffocation....
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