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Rabies (Hydrophobia) - Rabies virus Fatal viral encephalitis normally occurring in wild animals. Bats carriers. Virulence: Invades nervous tissue Transmission: Saliva infected animal - by bite, scratch; inhalation dried bat feces - rare. P/E: Break in skin, rarely nasal passage Disease: Inc. pd. 1 - 3 mo., up to 1 - 2 yrs. Virus multiplies at site travels up nerve fiber spinal cord, brain invades nervous tissue inflammation, hemorrhages Onset: headache, fever, vomiting, nervousness, confusion, lack coordination, depression, excitability, hallucinations spasms of muscles throat (painful to swallow) convulsions coma death due to paralysis respiratory muscles. No treatment once begins. Prevention: Vaccination (Pasteur treatment) with inactivated virus (active immunity). If animal rabid - also inject antirabies antiserum (passive immunity). Control: Immunize pets. If bitten, hold animal, have examined (Rabies Control). Identification: Negri bodies in infected cells, serological tests.
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Unformatted text preview: WOUND INFECTIONS Tetanus - Clostridium tetani Gram pos. bacillus, anaerobic, endospores, common in soil & GI tract animals Virulence: Powerful neurotoxin - blocks neurotransmitter inhibitor cholinesterase P/E: Endospores introduced deep into tissue wound (puncture wound) Disease: Inc. pd. 4 d. - 2 wk. Endospores germinate bacteria multiply at site, remain localized producing little or no inflammation secretes neurotoxin enters bloodstream CNS where interferes with cholinesterase causes tonic contractions, painful spasms of muscles. Onset: Headache, stiff neck, fever, chills. Spasms begin in muscles of face (causes difficulty in opening mouth) neck back chest abdomen extremities. Spasms can break bones, cause body contortions. Involvement of respiratory, cardiac muscles convulsions coma death. Vaccine: DPT toxoid Antitetanus antiserum also available - only neutralizes toxin in bloodstream....
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