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Roseola - disease eradicated based on lack reported cases...

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Roseola - Roseola virus Viral illness often mistaken for measles. Common in infants. Disease: fever, convulsions, vomiting - approx. 3 days. Temperature , rash appears - lasts 2 - 3 days. Smallpox - Variola virus Highly contagious, high mortality rate Virulence: Invades epithelium Transmission: Nasal-oral secretions, exudate from lesions, dried crusts (scabs), expired individual, fetus in utero. P/E: Nasopharynx Disease: Inc. pd. 2 wks. Maculopapular rash on face arms, legs very few lesions on trunk. Papule vesicle (3d) pustule (8-9d) crusts, heals with scarring (2 wks.). No "crops." Accompanied by fever, chills, muscle aches, severe prostration. Identification: Guarnieri bodies (inclusion bodies) in infected cells Vaccine: Viable attenuated virus. Vaccine no longer given because WHO believes
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Unformatted text preview: disease eradicated- based on lack reported cases. Also vaccine can cause death due to: a) progressive vaccinia, b) generalized vaccinia, c) post vaccinial encephalitis d) allergic reactions to vaccine Fungal Skin Infections Dermatophytes: Infect keratinized tissues. Three genus: 1) Epidermatophyton 2) Microsporum 3) Trichophyton Source: Fertile soil Virulence: Breaks down keratinized tissues P/E: Break in skin Disease: Infection develops slowly. Lesion circular, scaly, itches. Tinea pedis- athletes feet; Tinea corporus- ring worm of body; Tinea curis- groin; Tinea unguium- nails; Tinea capitis- ring worm of scalp; Tinea barbae- beard Candida albicans Yeast; part of normal flora (mouth, GI tract), opportunistic. Diseases: Thrush - m.m. mouth; Vaginitis - m.m. vagina; diarrhea...
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