VIRAL CULTIVATION - a. Abnormal morphology of tissue...

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VIRAL CULTIVATION - describe each method (see handout) A. Lab animals Use – primarily research B. Embryonated eggs 1. Chick, duck eggs – approx. 10 days old 2. Inoculation – (see fig. in handout) a. Sites inoculation – membranes, embryo b. Viruses injected - incubate 3. Viral growth indicated by : a. Formation lesions (pocks) on egg membranes b. Abnormal development of embryo, death embryo c. Lesions of embryo 4. Harvest egg contents viable viruses C. Mammalian Tissue Cultures 1. Cell line – host cells used for cell cultures 2. Cell lines grown in tissue culture flasks 3. Cells form monolayer on bottom of flask 4. Examine microscopically – healthy monolayer 5. Add viruses – incubate 6. Observe for cytopathogenic effect (CPE) – indicates viral growth
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Unformatted text preview: a. Abnormal morphology of tissue culture cells b. Plaques (due to cell destruction) in monolayer of cells c. Inclusion bodies in infected cells GROUPING (CLASSIFICATION) of VIRUSES Criteria used : A. Type nucleic acid in the core DNA or RNA 1). DNA a. Double stranded b. Single stranded 2). RNA a. Single stranded b. Double stranded B. Type symmetry (structure) 1). Size - # capsomeres 2). Shape arrangement of capsomeres C. Envelope - presence, absence D. Parasitism (Host range) 1). Type host - plant, animal, bacterial 2). Type host cell SCIENTIFIC NOMENCLATURE A. Not all viruses have genus, species name. B. See table of DNA and RNA viruses in text...
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VIRAL CULTIVATION - a. Abnormal morphology of tissue...

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