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Whooping Cough - depends on 1 general health 2 age Adults...

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Whooping Cough (Pertussis) - Bordetella pertussis Gram neg. coccobacillus Virulence: Encapsulated, pili, endotoxins (cell wall lipids), exotoxins Transmission: URT secretions - droplet nuclei. Adult carriers. P/E: nasopharynx Disease: Inc. pd. 7-10 days. Localizes in trachea, bronchi. Toxins released loss of ciliated epithelium inflammation. Thick, ropy, sticky exudate forms - clings to ciliated m.m. prolonged episodes of cough. Disease occurs in three stages: 1) Catarrhal - resembles cold 2) Spasmodic (Paroxysmal) - severe episodes of cough accompanied by gagging, choking, vomiting, cyanosis, convulsions, hemorrhage, fractured ribs. 3) Convalescent - cough eventually subsides Complications: secondary bacterial infections (pneumonia) Vaccine: DP T - killed organisms Tuberculosis (TB) - Mycobacterium tuberculosis Acid fast , small, slender bacillus. Virulence: waxy ( lipids) cell walls, intracellular. Transmission: URT secretions - droplet nuclei. Development of disease
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Unformatted text preview: depends on: 1) general health 2) age. Adults in good general health more resistant. Elderly, young children, and adults in poor health more susceptible. P/E: nasopharynx → localizes in lungs. Initial lesion develops - tubercle. Histology of tubercle: 1) PMN's, macrophages - inflammation 2) T-lymphocytes - cell immunity 3) Fibroblasts → connective tissue - non-specific resistance. Disease : Two forms disease: 1) Benign TB - self-limiting (heals). Occurs in adults in good health. 2) Progressive TB - spreads. Occurs in elderly, young children, adults in poor health. Lesion continues to develop - caseation. Can spread to other parts body - joint, kidney, intestines, CNS, etc. Arrested TB: Lesions heal but contain dormant organisms; can be reactivated at later date. Skin Test: Injection Ag. → read in 3 days - observe for red, raised hardened area (+). Indicates previous exposure, NOT active illness....
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