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study-topics2 - 4 Feature Integration Theory a Preattentive...

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STUDY TOPICS - Midterm 2 Spring Quarter, 2010 An item in bold denotes a topic that is likely to be emphasized on the exam. I. Sensory Memory A. Iconic Memory 1. Sperling’s Whole and Partial Report Procedures a. Function, Capacity, Duration, Loss of Information, & Nature of the Representation 2. Echoic Memory a. Function, Capacity, Duration II. Attention A. Habituation and Adaptation B. Selective Auditory Attention 1. Dichotic Listening Task 2. Theories of Selective Attention a. Filter b. Attenuation c. Late-Selection C. Selective Visual Attention 1. Role of Fovea 2. Spotlight Metaphor 3. Change Blindness
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Feature Integration Theory a. Preattentive Processing b. Focused attention D. Divided Attention 1. Automatic Processing a. Modality Effects b. Practice Effects c. Input-Response Mapping III. Perception A. Perceptual Continuum B. Perceptual Constancies C. Depth Perception D. Object and Form Representations E. Gestalt Principles F. Bottom-up Approaches 1. Direct Perception 2. Template-Matching 3. Prototype 4. Feature-Detection 5. Recognition-by-Components G. Top-Down Approaches 1. Constructivist Framework 2. Context Effects...
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