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STUDY TOPICS Midterm 3 Spring Quarter, 2010 Notes: Bold denotes topics that will be emphasized on the exam. I. STM A. Capacity Limitations 1. recoding (chunking) B. Coding in STM C. Loss of Information 1. decay vs. interference a. Brown/Peterson Task b. D. Retrieval from STM 1. parallel vs. serial search 2. exhaustive vs. self-terminating search E . Working Memory 1 . Phonological Loop 2 . Visual-Spatial Sketchpad 3. Cortical areas associated with working memory II. Long-Term Memory A . Power Law of Practice B . Forgetting Curve 1. savings score 2. overlearning a. list length effects b. repetition effects C . Elaboration/Comprehension 1 . Levels of Processing Model D . Encoding Specificity 1 . mental context 2 . physical setting 3 . mood congruence 4 . E . Explicit vs. Implicit Memory 1 . dissociations F. Memory Distortion 1. false memories 2. repressed memories a. misinformation effect b. imagination inflation
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Unformatted text preview: G. Exceptional Memory H. Deficient Memory 1. Amnesia 2. Alzheimers disease III. Knowledge Representation A. Concepts and Categories 1. Feature-based categories 2. Prototype Theories 3. Theory-based view B . Hierarchical Network (Collins & Quillian) 1 . structure a . hierarchical network b . cognitive economy 2 . process a . spread of activation b . inheritance C . Associative Network (Collins & Loftus) 1 . structure a . associative network b . link strength 2 . process a . variable speed, spread of activation D. Connectionist Models E . Feature Comparison Model 1. feature lists 2 . 2-stage retrieval 3 . false statements F . Facts 1 . ACT* a . propositions b. declarative memory vs. production memory c . fan effect and reverse fan G. Schemas & Scripts H . Systems 1 . mental models...
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study-topics3 - G. Exceptional Memory H. Deficient Memory...

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