FIN18.1 - (£100)($1.4729/£1) = $147.29 b. You would still...

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Using the quotes from the table, we get: a. $100(Z3.3807/$1) = Z338.07 b. $1.3266 c. €5,000,000($1.3266/€) = $6,633,000 Alternatively the question can be answered as: €5,000,000 / ($.7538/€) = $6,633,059 The difference is due to rounding in the exchange rate quote. d. Singapore dollar e. Mexican peso f. (SF1.1426/$)($1.3266/€) = 1.5158 SF/€ This is a cross rate. g. Most valuable: Kuwaiti dinar = $3.4399 Least valuable: Vietnamese dong = $0.00005634 2. a. You would prefer £100, since:
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Unformatted text preview: (£100)($1.4729/£1) = $147.29 b. You would still prefer £100. Using the $/£ exchange rate and the C$/$ exchange rate to find the amount of Canadian dollars £100 will buy, we get: (£100)($1.4729/£1)(C$1.2381/$1) = C$182.36 c. Using the quotes in the book to find the C$/£ cross rate, we find: (C$1.2381/$1)($1.4729/£1) = C$1.8236/£1 The £/C$ exchange rate is the inverse of the C$/£ exchange rate, so: £1/C$1.8236 = £0.5484/C$...
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