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1. ADR – A security issued in the United States that represents a share of foreign stock. 1.i. Two types – Company sponsored where they are listed on an exchange, and unsponsored which are held by the investment bank. 2. Eurobond – International Bonds issued in multiple countries, but denominated in a single country’s currency (usually the issuing country) 3. Eurocurrency – Money deposited in a financial center outside of the country whose
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Unformatted text preview: currency is involved. 4. Foreign Bonds – International bonds issued in a single country, and denominated in that country’s currency. 5. Eurodollars – Single currency that is used throughout Europe. 6. Foreign Exchange Market – World’s largest financial market, is an over-the-country. 7. Exchange rates – Price of one currency expressed in terms of another currency. Exchange rate quotations – Do a few fro...
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