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MGT2 - E none of the above 12 In what order do managers...

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Effective managers who choose the "right" organizational goals and have the skills to use the organization's resources are: A) efficient B) effective C) strategic D) conceptual E)technical 8. The measure of the "appropriateness" of the goals selected by management for the organization and the degree to which the organization accomplishes these goals is known as: 9. When managers attempt to determine how well the organization is accomplishing its goals, this is an important aspect of: 10. A manager is deciding which programs to initiate. He is acting as a: 11. A set of specific tasks that a manager is expected to perform because of his or her position within the organization is called: A) a plan. B) restructuring. C) a role. D) an efficiency strategy.
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Unformatted text preview: E) none of the above. 12. In what order do managers typically perform the managerial functions? A) organizing, planning, controlling, leading B)organizing, leading, planning, controlling C) planning, organizing, leading, controlling D) planning, organizing, controlling, leading E) leading, organizing, planning, controlling 13. If an organization has a hard-working, committed workforce, this is most likely to be a result of managers' abilities to: A) organize B) plan C) lead D) control E) resolve conflict 14. Most managers face jobs characterized by: A) high variety B)fragmentation C) brevity D) the need to rely on experience E) all of the above 15. When Wal-Mart builds a distribution warehouse so that it can supply products to its stores within a 200-mile radius on almost a daily basis, we say that Wal-Mart has achieved: A) empowerment. B) a competitive advantage. C) increased quality. D) increased innovation. E) none of the above....
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