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MGT5 - advantage by potentially increasing its A creativity...

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16. A managerial choice that would be reasonable and acceptable to a typical stakeholder in the organization is called: A) an unethical decision B) a reputable decision C)a socially responsible decision D) an auditable decision E) an ethical decision 17. The standards that tell members of a society how they are to deal with one another in terms of fairness and individual rights are called: A) social audits B)societal ethics C)stereotyping D) individual ethics E) professional ethics 18. Effective management of diversity contributes to an organization's competitive
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Unformatted text preview: advantage by potentially increasing its: A) creativity B) responsiveness to segments of its market(s) C) motivation of its workforce D) avoidance of discrimination lawsuits E) all of the above 19. The Family and Medical Leave Act requires employers to provide ___ weeks of ___ leave for medical and family reasons. A) 12; unpaid B) 12; paid C) 6; unpaid D) 6; paid E) 2; paid 20. What are takeholders_? Name examples. Why is understanding stakeholders important to organizational managers?...
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