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. In general, the __________ the barriers to entry into an industry, the __________ the number of competitors in that industry and the __________ the threat of competition within that industry. A) higher; greater; lower B) lower; smaller; lower C) higher; smaller; lower D) lower; greater; lower E) higher; greater; greater 13. Which of the following is an example of a folkway in a society? A) Good social manners B) Appropriate dress in social situations C) "Neighborly" behavior D) Customs E) All of the above 14. A society that stresses “Living for the moment” is said to have: A) high power avoidance. B) low power avoidance. C) long-term orientation. D) short-term orientation. E) uncertainty avoidance. 15. The degree to which people in a society accept the idea that inequalities in the well being of its citizens are due to differences in people's intellectual capabilities is known as: A) referent power. B) absolute power. C) free-market power. D)
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