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17. A plan that is updated and changed every year to take into consideration how the external environment and the organization's internal environment have changed since the plan was prepared is known as: A) An intermediate-term plan B) A long-term plan C) A rolling plan D) A divisional plan E) A corporate-level plan 18. What type of strategy specifies the activities of managers at the departmental level of the organization? A) Functional-level strategy B) Business-level strategy C) Corporate-level strategy D) Divisional-level strategy E) Top-level strategy
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Unformatted text preview: 19. General Electric Company sets a goal that every product line of the company should be either first or second in its industry in market share. What type of goal does this represent? A) Corporate-level B) Divisional-level C) Functional-level D) Business-level E) Multidomestic-level 20. Fayol stated that managers should attempt to collect and to use all available information in the organization's planning process. Which aspect of planning was he emphasizing? A) Unity B) Flexibility C) Continuity...
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