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If the external environment of an organization is stable and if uncertainty is low, then __________ coordination among workers is needed to obtain resources and managers can bring __________ formality to the design of the organizational structure. A) more; more B) less; more C) more; less D) less; less E) none of the above. 2. In general, the more stable the organization's environment, the __________ complex its strategy; and the more skilled its workforce, the __________ likely that the organization will use a formal organizational structure. A) more; more B) more; less C) less; more D) less; less E) none of the above 3. A commercial airline pilot has ___________________ than a statistician who works in
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Unformatted text preview: the Office of the Budget in the federal government. A) less feedback B) less task identity C) less task significance D) more feedback E) none of the above 4. McDonald's Corporation made a basic decision as to how to divide the tasks of the jobs of "chefs" and "food servers" in its restaurants. This was an example of: A) continuous-process technology. B) job design. C) divisional structure. D) product structure. E) matrix structure. 5. By decentralizing, organizations are more likely to: A) need to hire more managers B) respond to cus...
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