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MGT17 - 13 Ford Motor Co brings together senior managers...

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13. Ford Motor Co. brings together senior managers from marketing, R&D, manufacturing, accounting, and finance to work together on a project team to design a new type of sport utility vehicle. This is an example of: A) a cross-functional team. B) a mass-production team. C) a continuous-process team. D) a standing committee. E) a small-batch team. 14. In designing an organization, if managers are grouped both by function and by product at the same time, what type of organizational structure is being used? A) Market structure B) Geographic structure C) Functional structure D) Matrix structure E) Divisional structure 15. Federal Express Corporation organizes its managers according to the different regions of the world in which the managers work. This is an example of which type of organizational structure? A) Market structure B) Customer structure C) Product structure D) Matrix structure E) Geographic structure 16. The extent to which a job requires the worker to use a wide range of knowledge and
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