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Susy Martinez, Diana Moran, and Blanche Phlaum Current Event Questions – “Feds: 14 charged in insider trading Case” 1. Was it ethical for the defendants to falsify company files to make it appear that trades weren’t based on secrets? 2. Was it ethical for Cutillo, a lawyer for the law firm of ropes & gray, to disclose information about mergers and acquisitions to Goffer? 3. Was it ethical for Goffer to pay others to obtain secrets about public companies’ planned merger and
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Unformatted text preview: acquisition activity that he used to execute profitable securities trades? 4. Was it ethical for Khan to conspire to trade inside information with an executive at a California technology company, an analyst at a credit rating agency, the manager of two Manhattan hedge funds and other hedge fund executives from 2004 to 2007? 5. Was it ethical for Goffer to use and destroy the prepaid cell phones in order to reduce their chance of detection by law enforcement? 6....
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