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Research Report Form: ( write one per source) Group: ____Poverty ___________________________ Name: _Blanche Phlaum ________________________ Title/Type of source: Anti-Hunger advocate is making a difference/News Paper __ 1) Bibliographical citation Go, R. (2008, March 22). Anti-hunger advocate is making a difference. San Diego Union Tribune . Retrieved September 17, 2009, from .. 2) Summary of Content This newspaper article talks about Tia Anzellotti battle to help the poor get the benefits they need. She is an executive director of San Diego Hunger Coalition, a nonprofit organization that works to eliminate hunger through education, outreach, collaboration and advocacy. This group brings anti-hunger advocates and organizations countywide together. She explains how 160,000 people in San Diego County who qualify for federal food stamps are not receiving them. That only 31% who qualify are actually collecting the food stamps. One of her main concern is that parents that cannot
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