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POVERTY RATE IN US DROP research form - Research Report...

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Research Report Form: ( write one per source) Group: ____Poverty ___________________________ Name: _Blanche Phlaum ________________________ Title/Type of source: Poverty Rare in U.S. drops, but more People Uninsured/News Paper __ 1) Bibliographical citation Calbreath, D. (2007, August 29). Poverty Rate in U.S. drops, but More People Uninsured. San Diego Union Tribune . Retrieved September 23, 2009, from http://www.onlinecpi.org/article.php?id... 2) Summary of Content This article explains how the poverty rate in the U.S. has dropped but more people are uninsured. According to the U.S. Census Bureau the nation’s poverty rate dropped slightly last year. More people are without health insurance, it is at a record high of 15.8%. This article explains that San Diego County poverty rate is at 11.7%, which means that 105,255 households make less than $10,294 for a four-person family which is what the federal government definition as the poverty amount. El Cajon and Vista poverty rate is above 15%. It explains that because the cost of living in San Diego is so
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